Quite possibly the best description of Coos Bay area I've ever read

Posted by admin on March 5, 2009

so today, i had fun playing on twitter and ran across 2 fun gentlemen who are doing a road trip to the west coast. 

You can read their story here: 
The best part of all this, we had local folks send emails and I came across one of the best, most honest descriptions I’ve seen from a local vacation rental owner.
So my blog today, is actually the words of Annie Comfort from Annie’s Cottage
The absolute, number one reason to visit Coos Bay is it’s authenticity. This town is real, it’s charming, it’s non commercial and it’s rugged. When you go to the beach….you go to the beach and that is all. You are not inundated with flashy billboards beckoning you to stop and buy buy buy. Here you are surrounded by trees, sand, water, fresh air and real people who are here for the same things. 
In Coos Bay, the grandest and newest homes stand right next to the oldest and simplest abodes. Delightful fine dining can be found here in unexpected places. Artists, Musicians, Poets, Engineers, and Dreamers all come here to join the Loggers and the Fishermen to retire and get away from it all…and it’s no big deal. 
Here you will find the very rich and the very poor, it’s just who we are. You don’t have to dress up to go anywhere here, but no one will mind if you do. You can wear the cowboy hat, the baseball hat or the bandana and you will get the same ‘hello’. 
We grow up here, we move away, and we come back. It’s what we do, and we’d love to have you visit us.
Annie Comfort of Annie’s Cottage