My Oregon Coast Adventure: "Antiquing" in Coos Bay, Oregon

Posted by oregonkat on May 28, 2010


Every once in a while a visitor will contact us with their personal Oregon Coast Adventure story.  We love to receive these testimonials and invite you to send us yours! 

Here is an excert from an email we recieved from Marie H. in Eugene, Oregon.  Marie and her husband enjoy searching for treasures in antique stores- and there was no shortage during her visit earlier this month!

It is a little known secret that Coos Bay and North Bend  have some of the lovliest Antique stores on the Oregon Coast.  Be sure to use our shopping guide to help you explore these unique gems when you visit!

My husband and I love to go into towns big and small and spend time going through the antique stores. Over the years we have seen so many of them go from being interesting places with good finds,  into stores that carry the same old things. We have been disappointed in towns touted as a great place for antiques.

We were in Coos Bay to go to our new favorite section of the Oregon Coast and ended up walking around looking at antique stores. I was not sure what to expect but  we were both delighted with the variety of stores in Coos Bay. We went into Mossy Rose and were just floored by the authentic antique clothing from a number of periods. You can touch them and see how they were made and I loved that. Well worth finding that store. And if you go in make sure that you visit the very back room there is a little surprise there. Someone has a sense of humour.

We wove in and out of shops within about a 5 block area. There was a great home décor shop Katrina Kathleen’s Home Decor‎ with lots of fun and contemporary things to look at, I almost bought a ceramic rabbit, I wish I had now. Then we went into the Sincerely Yours! Antique Mall on South Broadway. {Editor’s Note, Sincerely Yours! has since changed hands and is now named Black Cat Antiques} It is a consortium of individual dealers. Lots to look at and some really unique things.  I ended up buying some dessert dishes that I have not seen anywhere. I love them.  The people working there were fun and seem to know a thing or two.
Then we moved on to the Antique & Auction Co. of Southern Oregon. It was unbelievable, real antiques, tons of furniture, two floors of stuff. Not everything was amazing but I could easily have spent a half a day in there, poking through.  I fell in love with an upholstered chair that had beautiful carved dogs heads for arms. I have not been able to forget it and will probably go back and buy it if someone has not beaten me to it. This is the real thing, the kind of antique store you hope you can find.  Honestly I think it is worth the ride down all by itself but when you combine it with everything else in the area. The Coos Bay area has become one of our favorite places to visit.

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