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Coos Bay Local Spotlight - Egyptian Theatre

Coos Bay Local Spotlight - Egyptian Theatre
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Thu, Apr 23, 2020

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While we’re in “shut-down” mode from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking a closer look at some of our historical gems right here in the Coos Bay area. In this post, we’re highlighting one of our most treasured sites, the Egyptian Theatre , a cultural icon of the area since its doors first opened in 1925. That’s right, you don’t need to travel across the world to visit a historical Egyptian landmark, there’s one right downtown!

Did You Say 1925?!

It all began back in 1925 right in the heart of downtown Coos Bay. But did you know it wasn’t always a theatre? In 1922, the building was originally constructed as the Motor Inn Garage and Service station. In that same year, King Tutankhamen’s tomb was unearthed in Egypt! Coincidence?

The American public was fascinated by the allure and mysteries of ancient Egypt, leading to an adoption of what is now known as the Egyptian Revival style. The Motor Inn Garage and Service Station was shut down due to building restrictions and the space took on a new form: The Egyptian Theatre.

The Theatre has changed ownership throughout the years, finally being purchased by The City of Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency in 2006. With the enlisted help of nonprofit Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association , they have transformed the venue into a showcase for classic and educational movies, hosted concerts, special events, and community celebrations.

What Does It Offer?

If classic entertainment for an affordable price is what you’re after then the Egyptian Theatre is the place for you. There’s something just right about watching classic cinema in a historical venue like the Egyptian Theatre. It’s also a great spot to watch live music, oftentimes for free.

Like many of our local businesses, the Egyptian Theatre will be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the day will come in the not-so-distant future when it will be open for business, and when that day comes, you’ll want to be there.

Be sure to check their Events page in the near future and plan your outing!

So You’re Saying People Like This Place?

That’s putting it lightly! Here are just a couple of reviews from the Egyptian Theatre’s Tripadvisor page:

“Have come to over 10 performances here in the last several years. A truly jaw dropping interior that is one of a kind, and really brings back the spirit of the roaring 20’s. Visit if you have a chance!“

“I absolutely love the movies we see there. We saw the Minions recently. We also saw the old Mummy with Boris Karloff. The popcorn is fabulous. The seats are comfortable and you can see from every seat. We will keep going back.“

“I love this place and so nice to see it alive. Have enjoyed many of the things going on, a nice place to spend an evening out. Terrific job by those who run it and those who put it all together.“

“This is like a trip back in time. The decor is original, and the feel reminds me of going to the movies back when I was a kid. A definite classic experience. Seats are very comfortable, great snack bar, clean restrooms!“

I’m Sold!

We’re glad to hear it! The Egyptian Theatre is a special part of Coos Bay’s history and one that should be experienced by everyone at least once. If you want classic entertainment then you’ll be hard-pressed to find better.

As we previously mentioned the Egyptian Theatre is run by non-profit efforts and passionate volunteers. If you’d like to get involved then reach out to the Egyptian Theatre and help keep this historic landmark up and running for future generations of visitors.


(541) 269-0215
50 Central Ave, Coos Bay, OR 97420

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