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The Oregon Connection/ House of Myrtlewood

Thu, May 12, 2016

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Image source: TripAdvisor

Along the drive into North Bend/Coos Bay, chances are you will notice this giant sign.

Next time you see this sign, you should stop by and check out The Oregon Connection, a unique stop for where visitors will find gourmet treats as well as regional handcrafted artisan products. It’s one of the largest and oldest Myrtlewood factories in Oregon.  When you visit the factory and gift shop, you just may receive a fascinating lesson in Oregon history.

What is the significance of Myrtlewood? Myrtlewood has a rich history here on the South Coast. It is a broadleaf evergreen native to Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California. It grow prolifically in this coastal region and considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful woods by its dense and richly grained qualities and sculpted patterns. During the Great Depression, the town of North Bend actually used Myrtlewood coins as currency.

On your next Oregon Coast visit, plan to stop by and meet their friendly staff and check out the amazing products they create. You never know what you will find. Read what others had to say:

“A unique store and excellent stop on the coast”

Take some time to check out this unique store. The myrtlewood products range in price from very reasonable to a little more spendy, but are unique and beautiful. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and when we were there had some free popcorn! The store has more than just the wood – you can find information, clothing, postcards, and other souvenirs. It is worth the stop, even if you are tight on time!

“Great Myrtlewood Gifts”

Lots of great myrtlewood items to chose from. This shop was one of the best we stopped at along the coast.

“Cool location in the middle of nowhere”

Apparently this is where a lot of things in the giftshops are made. I didn’t get to see the master woodcrafter in his workshop when I went, but when the person is there creating items, you can watch him work. When he is not there, you can watch a video of the magic behind the scenes. They have some really funky things there, absolutely beautiful to know it’s ALL handmade. If you are hungry for some sweets, head to the back and get some of that great fudge and cake there! You also have other edibles preserved in jars that you can buy, it’s not just all woodwork. This is a great stop for unique presents for loved ones.

“Looking for myrtlewood”

We stopped in to get ideas on making myrtlewood bowls. As my husband is into wood crafting after retirement. The tour of their shop was very interesting, we got lots of ideas and learned new things. The tour was free. I enjoyed looking at all the different things made from myrtlewood and bought jewelry, kitchen items plus a nice jacket sweatshirt that I love and can’t wait to get back and get another one. The workers are all very friendly and good at answering all my husbands questions. They are the best!!!!

Oregon Connection/House of Myrtlewood
1125 S. 1st Street, P.O. Box 457
Coos Bay, OR 97420
Local: (541) 267-7804 Toll Free: 1-(800) 255-5318


(541) 269-0215
50 Central Ave, Coos Bay, OR 97420

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