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Sand Duning or Sandboarding? Either Way, It's Time to Ride The Oregon Dunes!

Fri, Jul 1, 2016

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The fervor for sand riding is growing in popularity every year, with countless enthusiasts making the trek out to some of the world’s biggest dunes in search of adventure. The thing is, when talking about sand riding it’s possible to mean two very different activities: sand duning and **sand boarding.  **Though they may have their own take on what it means to ride down a sand dune, both are an undeniable blast.

Below you’ll find tips for both sand duning and sand boarding to ensure your safety, thus allowing you to have a great time! But first, let’s explain what each activity consists of, shall we?

What is Sand Duning?

Sand Duning is the activity comprised of riding a recreational vehicle throughout Sand Dunes.

What is Sandboarding?

Sandboarding is very similar to snowboarding, only it takes place on sand dunes instead of a snowy mountainside.

Clear on the differences? Great! Now we can get to the fun part, tips and tricks! Let’s start with Sand Duning, as seen in this video from OregonDuner.

Tips for Sand Duning

1. Wear a Helmet

When you’re riding at high speeds on dunes there’s always the very real possibility of crashing out. Wearing a helmet is a must to keep yourself safe.

2. Stick to Paths and Trails

Be sure to stick to paths and trails as you’re making your way to the sand dunes. It’s not only safer, you’re less likely to get lost!

3. Obey The Speed Limit

As you’re driving through paths and trails, it’s crucial to stick to the speed limit. People may be using the other national park areas and will be in danger if you’re driving recklessly.

4. Don’t Go Alone

Sand Duning’s not just more fun with friends, but it’s safer too! Minimize your risk by bringing some buddies along.

5. No Drugs, No Alcohol

Just because you’re off road doesn’t mean these rules don’t apply.

6. Avoid Wearing Headphones

If you keep your hearing free of obstruction, you can steer clear of any dangerous situations that may arise. You’ll also be alert to anyone else who may be in trouble.

7. Be Prepared Ahead of Time

Check the weather forecast for day you’re heading out the dunes; nothing can ruin your fun as much as getting stuck in wet sand. While you’re at it, be sure to get a map of the area you’re planning to visit to avoid getting lost. Lastly, a first aid kit always comes in handy, though we hope you never need it!

Ready to hit the dunes? You’ll be needing a Dune Buggy or ATV first! Luckily, Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rental has everything you’d need to head out for a day of sand duning!

Of course, riding sand dunes isn’t limited to four wheels!  Ask any sandboarder and they’ll tell you that the most fun you can have on a dune takes place on a board.

Sandboarding Tips

1. Head to the Middle

You may ask “middle of what”? We mean to the middle of the dunes, away from grass and trees. Boarding by grass can damage it, which in turn can have negative effects on the sand dunes themselves.

2. Dry Sand Good, Wet Sand Bad

So here’s the thing about wet sand. It sticks to your board, which could lead to a wipe out. Stick to dry sand and you’ll be in good shape.

3. Wear a Snowboard Helmet

Sure, the dunes you’ll be boarding down are made up of soft sand, but there’s always the chance to hit a hard surface. Wear a helmet and keep yourself safe!

4. Wear Sunscreen

You’ll be in the sun for a while so you’ll certainly be needing sunscreen.

5. Expect the Same as Snowboarding… But Different

If you’re a snowboarder, then chances are you’ll pick up sandboarding very quickly. Just don’t expect it to be exactly the same as snowboarding. Take a moment when you’re starting out to get a feel for the difference between sand and snow.

So there you have it, all that’s left  is to find some dunes to practice is on. And with Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area just a short drive away, you’ll be riding the sand in no time!

photo credit: sandboarding via photopin (license)


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