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Fourteen Ways to Celebrate Our Beautiful Planet on Oregon’s Adventure Coast

Fourteen Ways to Celebrate Our Beautiful Planet on Oregon’s Adventure Coast

Wed, Apr 20, 2022

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“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” - John Ruskin

Earth Day is this week (April 22nd), so we thought this would be a good time to reflect on the abundance of beauty and natural resources that can be found right here on Oregon’s Adventure Coast: Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite ways to celebrate the earth and its many treasures on Oregon’s Adventure Coast.

“Time spent among trees is never time wasted.”—Anonymous

We all want to be good stewards of the ocean and waterways, the forests, and the land we are so fortunate to have access to and we hope you find these eco-friendly activities as inspiring as we do:

  1. Go tidepooling and discover a new species or natural treasure. Look but don’t touch!
  2. Explore a “secret beach” and a secluded ocean cove on Simpson Beach, just below Shore Acres State Park .
  3. Hike through lush coastal forests to Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area , two magnificent waterfalls here on Oregon’s Adventure Coast.
  4. Check out organizations dedicated to sustainability like the Washed Ashore Project and the Charleston Marine Life Center .
  5. Spend a day birdwatching, hiking beautiful trails and/or kayaking miles of protected waterways at the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve .
  6. Hike along the miles of trails winding through 32,186 acres of dunes, forest, streams and lakes in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area , the largest expansion of coastal sand dunes in North America.
  7. Enjoy a stroll through the gardens and amazing views of the ocean at Shore Acres State Park , the crown jewel of the Oregon Coast.
  8. Watch the seals and sea lions on Simpson Reef and Shell Island , part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge . Download this guide to help you on your route and choose your own experience. Please do not touch the wildlife under any circumstances! If you see wildlife, please appreciate it from afar and do not attempt to touch or interact with them - it is, after all, their home.
  9. Take A Kayak Tour On Oregon’s South Coast. For the ultimate south coast adventure, it doesn’t get much better than fishing, wildlife viewing and exploring the peaceful waterways on a guided kayak tour along Oregon’s South Coast. Click here for more info.
  10. Take a walk along a beautiful, pristine beach *. Watch the surfers on Bastendorff Beach, or search for natural treasures in tide pools in the protected beach in Sunset Bay State Park . Visitors going to Oregon Coast beaches should be aware of coastal safety hazards with the potential danger of undertows, sneaker waves, and rolling logs. Click here for Beach Safety Tips .
  11. Explore some of the many hidden “trails less traveled” on Oregon’s Adventure Coast like Empire Lakes Trail , Millicoma Marsh, Mingus Park , North Spit Of Coos Bay Trail System and Simpson Park/Ferry Road Park.
  12. Catch your own sustainably sourced seafood by embarking on a clamming , crabbing or fishing expedition.
  13. Take an adrenaline pumping ride through miles of misty coastal forests, tranquil streams, and fern covered floors on the Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Trails .
  14. Get back to nature on an eco-friendly camping adventure . Please remember that all visitors are responsible for their own actions, and we ask them to take special care and follow Leave No Trace principles .

Oregon’s Adventure Coast: Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston is full of treasured natural destinations to enjoy, and it is up to us to care for the land and preserve it for future generations.

“Experiencing the quiet, awe-inspiring beauty of nature can not only uplift your spirits, it can improve your health,” says Travel Oregon . Think of Oregon’s vast outdoors as your place to relax and recharge, especially right now when many of us are vulnerable to stress and anxiety. You can help us keep this place beautiful for generations to come by recreating responsibly and avoid taking unnecessary risks.”

For more travel ideas, the volunteers in the Coos Bay – North Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau are always glad to help you plan and get the most out of your trip! Give us a call at (541) 269-0215 or . Click here for directions and other important travel tips. Learn more about vacation ideas on our site, or contact us for help to plan your next trip or family getaway.

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