How Much Excitement Can You Take? The Southwest Oregon Coast Has The Answer.

Posted by TravelCoosBay on August 23, 2013

NW Boomer’s Adventure Coast by David Gillaspie

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Drive south on I-5. When you see signs for Eugene, keep going.

Turn off at the Drain exit for Hwy 38 and don’t stop until you find Hwy 101 and Reedsport. Then turn left for another southern run.

Just past Lakeside you’ll see the big sign above. Then you know you’re in Hauser.

If you like wood, you’ll love Myrtlewood.

Ask for the factory tour and you’ll find objects that look like they’ve been excavated from a Chinese tomb.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Myrtlewood artists create masterpieces for you.


Every shop needs a manager and you’ll find one here that knows adventure.

Where’s the beach adventure? The Dunes adventure? Just ask.

The Myrtlewood factory sits in the middle of a huge parking lot where RVs and ATVs come to rest and ride. Just watching them was a thrill.


The wonderful thing about your Hauser visit it you can handle all the bowls, plates, and utensils.

And they feel good, really good.

  • Next Adventure Stop: The South Slough.

Do you like the idea of stepping back in time? Every Baby Boomer who saw Jurassic Park says yes.

The South Slough looks like the beginning of the world because that’s what it is. Estuaries give that feeling.

But how does one estuary become more important than others, important enough for national recognition?

Strap on your adventure shoes and find out.


To get here, take Hwy 101 from Hauser to North Bend and follow the signs to The Beach.

You’ll find yourself on Newmark heading to Empire. Once you get there, make the last available left turn before driving into the bay.

Stay on the road until you cross the bridge into Charleston, then look for Seven Devils Road on the left as you leave town.

South Slough Estuary is a few miles out, also on the left. If you miss it and keep going you’ll end up in Bandon, so bring your golf clubs and a big wallet.

Park your car and look for a sign that says ’10 minute walk.’ If you walk it straight through it’s ten minutes. But it’s too beautiful to ignore. Plan on half an hour.


Where’s the adventure? More trails and more plants than you can shake a finger at.

It’s a coastal rainforest that looks like pre-historic America, and you’re in the middle of it.

If you’ve traveled to other wetlands, South Slough will be a dream come true.

No snakes, leg-chewing gators, or poisonous spiders dropping on your head. That’s not the sort of adventure to the ER anyone wants.


Be the first in your group to explore the forest tunnel.

What’s in there?

Come back after you take a look and tell NW Boomer readers so they can find it on

  • Next Adventure Stop: Shore Acres.

The picture below is from a park in Barcelona, Spain called Park Gruell.

A man named Antoni Gaudi designed it. The place has a psychedelic feel to it. He said he took his inspiration from nature. Maybe he found some natural mushrooms?

I’ve seen Park Gruell and Shore Acres and can say this: Gaudi must have come to Shore Acres.


There are more freakish looking rock formations in Shore Acres than all of Spain.

The great part is you’re in a natural world where some rocks look like petrified mummies.

What’s adventurous about that?

You can go out among them. Just be careful you don’t get petrified, too.


The urge to melt into the landscape is too great for some.

Spend a few minutes beside the stone work and you’ll find peace.

It’s the same rocky peace local high school students find on a regular basis.

A few of them make a return trip.


When you think of adventure, or Baby Boomer adventure, most say Mexico, or Caribbean, or Europe.

Visit those places and you’ll have tales to tell.

Visit the SW Oregon Coast and you’ll feel renewed in spirit.

How many places can you say that about?