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Adventure Spotlight: A Walk Through Golden and Silver Falls

Adventure Spotlight: A Walk Through Golden and Silver Falls

Mon, Feb 18, 2019

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Updated September 2020

Even as Summer comes to an end, the need for fresh-aired exploration is too great to ignore. Fortunately, there is the perfect solution right here on Oregon’s South Coast. Pack your bag, grab a camera, get your hiking boots on, and take a day trip Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area, “a hidden gem in the dense coastal forests” in our region.

“Hard to find, but worth the effort,” posted this recent visitor. “The falls were absolutely gorgeous. If I had not been on a time schedule, I would have stayed so much longer simply to watch them. It is a relatively short hike to each of the waterfalls- Golden Falls to the right side of the park, and Silver Falls to the left,” posted another .

Yes hikers, trekkers, and all-around nature lovers, Golden and Silver Falls is a Coos County State Natural Area and the ideal place to unwind and reconnect with nature for a day. It’s about a 30-minute ride from Coos Bay and worth the trip.

Parking and picnic areas await you at the bottom of the hiking trails, and after you get your grub on you can spend the day trekking up Golden and Silver Falls’ scenic routes. And for those of you that may need a little extra convincing, did we mention there are waterfalls?! That’s right, a relatively short hike leads to breathtaking waterfalls shooting out onto boulders a hundred feet below. We could tell you more, but why not show you?

Golden and Silver Falls’ trails are accessible by all skill levels so don’t worry about struggling as you make your way through. Dogs are welcome too so feel free to bring man’s best friend with you just as long as they’re kept on their leash! Along the way you’ll have the chance to enjoy stunning river views, the majestic Oregon myrtle trees, and other amazing photo opportunities.

Getting ready for your trek to the falls? Consider these tips to make the most of your day!

Bring Drinking Water

It’s important to stay hydrated when hiking so be sure to bring a drinking bottle with you. A refillable bottle is recommended so you don’t have to worry about pitching any waste afterwards (plus it’s better for the environment).

Use Sunblock

Even if it’s overcast you should wear sunblock when hiking! Do yourself a favor in the long-run and stick to this tip.

Wear a Hat

Similarly, wear a hat to give yourself some shade! If it’s a sunny day you’ll be thankful you have it, and if it rains… well, you’ll be thankful you have it, too.

Wear Proper Hiking Boots

We can’t stress this enough, wear shoes with a proper grip for hiking. Sneakers are not enough as trails could have loose dirt or be rendered slick with the weather and you’ll need the extra traction that proper boots provide.

Hike In a Group

It’s recommended to hike in a group whenever possible. Not only does it make for a much more enjoyable time but you’ll be able to keep an eye on one another and avoid potentially problematic situations.

Bring Small Snacks

It’s better to munch on small snacks for energy as opposed to waiting for a big post-hike lunch!

Leave The Area Better Than You Found It

This is the golden rule for any nature preserve (or anywhere else for that matter). If you bring trash be sure to toss it in a proper receptacle when you’re done with it. If you see someone else’s trash along the way why not pick it up and toss it too?

This tip also extends to leaving nature as you found it; so don’t pick flowers, break boulders, carve trees, or any other such behavior. When in doubt leave it alone.

But really,  the most important thing is to be safe and have a great time! With Golden and Silver Falls you’re guaranteed an extraordinary day away from the noise of the city and the complexities of modern life.

A note about the drive up Hwy 241. Please be aware that the road leading up to the parking area for Golden & Silver Falls is, at times, only one lane and more dirt than pavement. Take the drive slowly to avoid any potentially dangerous situations, including meeting other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and rough traveling conditions. Believe us when we say, the drive up is part of the adventure! And well worth the effort.

Download This Document for information and directions to the Golden & Silver Falls State Park!


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