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Helpful Travel Tips For Savvy Travelers

Helpful Travel Tips For Savvy Travelers
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Thu, Jan 10, 2019

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Planning a trip to Oregon’s South Coast? Whether you’re spending two weeks or just a weekend, you likely want to make the most of your vacation. That’s where smart planning comes in. Taking the time to plan an itinerary and be mindful while exploring the area can help ensure you come away with memories that last a lifetime. Here are some top tips that will help you make the most of your trip.

Eat Locally Want to get a true sense of the Southern Oregon coast food & culture? Try one of the many local restaurants on Oregon’s Adventure Coas t specializing in everything from fresh seafood (of course) to authentic Italian, Sushi, American Deli, Mexican, Thai and more- and that’s just on one city block! You will learn a great deal about the local culture, not to mention help support the economy, by eating locally. Ask locals for their recommendations and ask the server what their favorite item on the menu is.

Ask Around Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice when planning your trip, as well as when you’re walking around! Before your trip, use platforms like the Oregon’s Adventure Coast Facebook to source suggestions on the best spots to visit, eat, stay and explore. You can also find inspiration by following @travelcoosbay on Instagram & Twitter ! Forums like Reddit are also excellent for finding unique suggestions, especially for travelers with niche interests like antiquing and beer tasting.

Wear Sunscreen Even on a cold or overcast day, don’t underestimate the strength of the sun. Nothing can put a damper on a trip more than a painful sunburn, especially when you’ll be trekking up and down the coast. Apply sunscreen every day before heading outside, and reapply every hour.

Take Photos of Yourself Of course, you should always take that landscape shot so you can remember the beauty of the area that you visit. However, you should also try to get in some of those photos yourself! Don’t be shy about asking locals to take your photo by that landmark or against that stunning backdrop. You’ll be grateful for the memories when you look back on these photos when you get older.

Write Down Important Addresses Be prepared for those moments when your laptop or cell phone die. Make sure to have the address of the spot you’re staying in written down in a safe spot. You never know when you will need that information!

Read the Local Paper Get an idea of things that are going on in your area by reading the local paper. Whether it’s a daily newspaper or a weekly magazine, these are often stocked with local events, restaurants, galleries, and museums to check out.

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