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Untamed Dunes

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If you’re looking for a really unique experience during your coastal vacation, make sure you check out our beach dunes! We have the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America; 40 miles in all. Some areas rise up to 500 feet, and extend 2.5 miles inland. This 32,186 acres of dunes, forest, streams and lakes were set aside as the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area in 1972.

Dune Buggy Excitement in the Oregon Dunes

ATV & Motorsports

Adventure seekers can go off-road ATVing, hiking, horseback riding and camping. With the Pacific Ocean, lakes, ponds, and streams, you can even be an amphibious adventurer!

You’ll find the largest riding area at the Oregon Dunes between Spinreel Campground and Horsfall Road, just a few miles north of North Bend and Coos Bay. Forest Service Campgrounds with sand access to the Dunes include Spinreel, Riley Ranch, Horsfall and Horsfall Beach.

Discover the thrill of exploring the great outdoors with our diverse range of Dune Buggies and ATV’s available for rent ! And for more details visit our dedicated ATV & Motorsports adventure page . Unleash your inner explorer today!

Sandboarding on the Oregon Coastal Dunes


Sandboarding is the latest thrill for the entire family. Beginners should be safe and start on the roped off bunny slopes. There are several affordable rental companies in the area so all you need to bring is an extra pair of socks, and long pants.

And of course, anyone who feels up to it, can hike in the dunes. So when you come to Oregon’s Adventure Coast, make sure you get in, and experience a very special and unexpected part of our varied natural offerings. This is truly a treasure trove of natural beauty.

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